The style of collecting at De HEEREN van TUIL

De Heeren van Tuil has a long history. The farmhouse ‘De Lindenhof’ was built in 1720 and is a listed building. It is said that in 1810 Louis Napoleon visited and stayed in what was then a gentlemen’s lodge. The family history of De Heeren is all around you. Surround yourself with antiques and modern art. Our farmhouse forms a beautiful venue to gather your loved ones around you for a delightful time.


Dineren bij De HEEREN van TUIL zilver Dineren bij De HEEREN van TUIL zilver
Dineren bij De HEEREN van TUIL opkamer Dineren bij De HEEREN van TUIL opkamer
Dineren bij De HEEREN van TUIL Dineren bij De HEEREN van TUIL

Private parties

Are you reaching a milestone in your life? For example a jubilee year, a wedding or a special moment? Gather your loved ones at De Heeren van Tuil for a private and special party. De Heeren will do everything to pamper you. The most delicious food will be served on the finest dinner service with the most beautiful cutlery.  

The style of collecting

Original artworks decorate the rooms, be they antique heirlooms or modern graphics in an eclectic mix of styles. Be inspired by the art in your room and the lounge. At certain times you will also have the chance to buy unique works of art from artists who from time to time will be exhibiting at De Heeren van Tuil.  

Private Meeting Facilities

A change of environment is often the way to generate energy and can create a new dynamic. This is why De Heeren van Tuil is the ideal location for private meetings and discussions. It could be brainstorming for a day or a planning meeting over several days including an overnight stay. De Heeren van Tuil will personally make sure that your team will lack nothing during your stay. Meet in comfort, in private and in style.

Bed & Breakfast De HEEREN van TUIL

De Heeren van Tuil

 i.v.m. het corona virus is het volgende van toepassing;
Er is ruimte genoeg voor alle gasten om gemakkelijk 1.5 meter afstand te bewaren.
Wij hebben 3 kamers, u kunt apart van andere gasten ontbijten in verschillende ruimten.

Voor de lunch kunnen wij een lunchpakket voor u samenstellen.
U kunt op aanvraag bij ons dineren.

Na ieder verblijf worden de kamers grondig, volgens de normen van het RIVM, schoongemaakt. Ook de moltons van de matrassen en de kussens worden verschoond.

Onze beoordeling op is 9.7 en op B&B Nederland 9.6


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